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Mortronix has a high reputation, experience and capability in designing and installing power systems for rural areas using solar and wind power. We can design and install small systems to power few lights, to large systems that can power the entire building. Based on your load demand, our electrical engineer will calculate everything for you, from number of equipment to the total costing, and will give you the professional advice to work around your budget. Depending on your budget, we can design and install solar and wind power systems that can power lights, fridge, TV, DVD players, computers, printers, fans, any white goods products, computer equipment, home entertainment, medical equipment, communications equipment, etc. We have the expertise of doing external solar and wind power wiring, to internal single phase domestic electrical wiring of your house. And we can power up your home in the village using solar and wind power. Mortronix always recommends solar and wind power for rural areas because we are using clean energy, renewable energy, reliable energy, very little maintenance cost, and very cost effective in the long term. Initially, the setup cost may seem high, but in the long term, you are using free power and you save money. We are a Papua New Guinean business and understand our rural people and try to meet their needs at their budget and level.  
Community Health Workers Training School in Tinsley, Baiyer. Solar power, powering their computers & office equipment. We designed the system and installed it in 2014.
We designed and installed a solar power system at Tinsley District Hospital, Mul-Baiyer District, W.H.P in 2014. The solar power powered the VSAT System, Wireless Network System, staff computers and laptops including printer and photocopier, and two lights.
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