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Tinsley District Hospital, located in the rural Baiyer Valley of Mul-Baiyer District, had a VSAT Internet System installed in 2009. However, the system cannot be operated full-time because the hospital runs on a diesel generator that only comes on in the evenings or during emergency cases during the day. The solution was to install a solar power system to power the VSAT equipment and also the administration staff laptops and computers. In February 2014, Mortronix was contracted to design and install the system. We designed the solar power system that is capable of powering the VSAT equipment, 5 laptops, 1 desktop computer, 1 photocopier, 3 small inkjet printers, plus wireless equipment. The system runs for 8 hours per day, and during the night, they switch to generator. In addition to the solar power, Mortronix also designed and installed a wireless network around the hospital. This gave the staff access to email and Internet. The wireless signal was also extended to the Community Health Worker Training School Admin Office, which was located within the hospital’s ground about 80meters from the hospital’s admin office.
Four months later, the hospital engaged Mortronix again to install EMTV and cable TV system. Our design engineer designed the system and we installed EMTV and distributed the signal using cable, to various staff houses, CHWTS School Mess, hospital’s conference room and VHV guest house. This was the first time in history that Baiyer was able to watch EMTV. The system also runs on solar power.
One of the technologies that we’ve been introducing and using in some of our projects is the nComputing Technology. We used this technology in 3 different projects. One was in the computer lab setup in the library of National Polytechnic Institute of PNG in Lae, with the second one in Tinsley Community Health Workers Training School in Baiyer. The last one we did was in the Tourism & Hospitality Department of National Polytechnic Institute. With the CHWTS in Baiyer, we also installed a solar power system that powered one server, 4 terminals, one light, one laptop and a MFC.
The Baptist Union of PNG has been engaging us in some of their projects that requires our services, for a very long time. Some of their projects which we were involved in were, the feasibility study of a Community Radio Station in Telefomin in 2008, setup of their IT infrastructure in 2012, PABX cabling in 2014, and just the ongoing technical support we provide for this organization. One of the projects we are still waiting for to be implemented is a repeater station for their Tekin Community Radio Station in Tekin, Telefomin District. 
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