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Not every rural areas and communities of PNG can receive the FM radio signal broadcasting from different radio stations. Therefore, most of them are not in contact with what’s going on in the country and around the world, and have become ignorant. One of the medium through which we can educate and inform our rural communities is through the use of radio, and Mortronix is becoming part of this by setting up community radio stations through Church Partners and NGOs. Since our establishment, Mortronix has been partnering with Alpha Broadcast Services International (ABSI), a reputable consultancy business based in Adelaide Australia. ABSI specializes in establishment of Community Radio Station, and has international experience in setting up community radio stations. In Papua New Guinea, ABSI teams up with Mortronix to design, install and maintain community radio stations. One of the first organizations in PNG to setup a community radio station is the Baptist Union of PNG, having pioneered two different community radio stations already in Tekin and Kompiam respectively. Mortronix is priviledged to be engaged by BUPNG as its Assistant Radio Consltant, and also to be providing first line technical support to the two radio stations. Community Radio Stations play a bigger part in the development of a specific community by helping to broadcast specific topics, issues, news and messages that are of benefit to the rural people. Topics like personal development, family healthcare, agriculture, government, politics, law and order, economy, natural disasters, etc, community radio station will educate and inform the people. Community Radio Station is not like other radio stations. It has a different concept. Mortronix understands the concept and functions of Community Radio Stations, and we can assist any Church, NGO, Community, and even the Government, to design and setup a Community Radio Station for a specific community. We build the station up from scratch, from inside the studio, to transmission, to repeaters, and even design and install solar or wind power to power the entire radio station. We are your Community Radio Partner!  
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