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Mortronix Electronic Networking is a 100% Papua New Guinean registered business, that came into full-time formal business operations in 2010. The motive behind the establishment of Mortronix was, and still is, to provide consultancy and technical support in computers and information technology, radio and data communications, rural power technology, security and surveillance systems, electronics and electrical systems, and community radio stations, to schools, institutions, non-government organizations, churches, government, hospitals, companies, and other agencies and organizations.  
We have always tried to be innovative, and so we research and design new systems, using the latest of technologies, that are viable, reliable and economical for all sectors and levels. Mortronix has a good team with a qualified systems design engineer, technician and installer, which has given us an advantage. Serving the rural communities of Papua New Guinea is also part of our mission. We design systems that are reliable, suitable and economical at the village level. Therefore, we are partnering with NGOs, Churches and other government agencies to bring services into the rural areas of PNG.  
One of the challenges we’ve taken is to sell good laptops and tablets at good prices, and affordable payment methods, to all Papua New Guineans, so that more Papua New Guineans can own a laptop and become computer literate, and therefore, become acquainted with technology and embrace it and use it well for knowledge development. Even though we make very little profit out of this exercise, we still consider this as an investment in terms of computer literacy and development. Mortronix is a very small business, but it has proven itself in some big projects, that size doesn’t matter. Rather, it’s the ability, skill and quality of work that this company can deliver on time every time it is contracted. The best thing of what we do is that we put a smile on someone’s face, through the services we provide. We are your local partner, with local innovation. But we connect you globally.with the latest technology. And that’s tops!  
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