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Electronics & Electrical Repairs & Installation Security Few years ago, we had a customer who was having problems with frequent break-and-enter cases into his building. The serious thing was, the building accomodates 18 other different offices for different companies, renting these offices. So when the thieves broke in, they broke into most of the offices and stole cash and valuables. But it did not happen only once; about 5 consecutive times. It was a nightmare to the landlord (our customer), not to mention the pressure he had to put up with the tenants. Then the landlord contracted Mortronix to install a reliable security system in the building, which we did. The security system consist of an alarm system with remote video surveillance on a 24/7 basis. That means we actually see inside the building even after hours, remotely. We have our “eyes” inside the building. After we installed the system, there were absolutely NO issues of break-and-enter up till now. This is how reliable and effective the design of our security system is, and we are happy to share this testimony with you.
When it comes to security, our philosophy is, never trust your security guards. It’s better to have a second or third security. That’s where we come in. Mortronix can help you design and install a reliable security system for you, so that you don’t have to worry about security and have a peace of mind. Whether it’s home, office, school, industry, factory, hospital, buildings, indoors or outdoors, we got you covered. We monitor our clients on a 24/7 basis using our remote monitoring system. That means, even after hours in the night, we can still see what’s going on inside the building. Even outside too. Our system can help you prevent theft, break-and-enter, fire, and even save lives in emergency cases. For the Lae residents, we work closely with a local security firm, who is also attached with the police, to provide response to all alarm calls. Conditions apply.
Access Control
If you are concerned about controlling movements of people in and out of your building or office, or preventing staff from entering restricted areas or offices, then Mortronix can assist you in installing an Access Control System. We can design and install simple systems that operate using keypads, to biometric computer aided systems.
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