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Mortronix has a proven record experience in designing and implementing wired and wireless computer networks. Whatever your computer network need is, our Certified CISCO Network Engineer can design the best reliable network for you. Whether it’s LAN or WAN, wired or wireless, we have the capability of designing it and implementing it for you. Whether it’s a new network or an upgrade, we will do it at minimum cost possible. We make sure you get the best! We follow ISO standards when designing and implementing networks, and our cabling is no exception. Whether it’s computer network or PABX cabling, we following standards. And you get the best!  
Internet Regulation & Security
Internet access to companies, organizations and institutions for work and educational purposes has been abused most of the time by staff and students. For example, downloading of pornographic materials, music, videos, and other explicit materials online, not to mention a lot of time wasted on Facebook, has cost companies and organizations. Mortronix can help you solve that problem by regulating and securing your Internet access. We can design and install a system that can block out all the “bad stuff”, block certain websites, even log everyone that uses the Internet. We can even block downloads. We customize to your preferences. At the end, your company or organization can save a huge amount of money on your Internet bills.
Mortronix is NOT an nComputing agent or dealer. But we work closely with an Authorized Dealer here in PNG and use the devices in some of our projects. nComputing is a reliable and very cheap technology that can be used in school libraries, computer labs, Internet Cafe’s, and even in companies. The technology utilizes one server with many virtual terminals. It’s one of the excellent networking solutions with cheaper setup and maintenance costs, yet reliable.
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