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Mortronix has the expertise and capability of designing and installing satellite and cable TV systems for rural and remote areas. We do not supply satellite and cable TV equipment. We only design, install and maintain satellite and cable TV networks. From single channel to multi-channels, we will install it for you. And whether you want to distribute the TV signal using cable or through a TV transmitter so that the signal covers a wider community, we will do it for you. Mortronix designs and install TV systems down to the village and district level. We bring the world closer to the rural people.
In June 2014, Mortronix was contracted by Tinsley District Hospital, located in the rural Baiyer of Western Highlands Province, to install EMTV for the hospital. Mortronix installed EMTV and distributed the signal using cable, to respective staff houses, conference room, guest house, and CHWTS mess. That was the first time in history for Tinsley and Baiyer to see EMTV, and we are happy to be part of that history and to make it happen. The exciting thing was, we installed it just in time for them to watch the second and third tests of the State of Origin. These people are huge fans of rugby league and it’s amazing to see how this little service can be appreciated by the rural people. Thanks to EMTV for the supply of their decoder.
Mr. Joseph Kala (with beard, in the middle), Dr. Daniel Napili (in maroon at the background), and Mortronix Engineer (working on the dish). All smiles when the EMTV signal was received. Mr. Kala & Dr. Napili initiated this project
Tinsley Hospital Staff watching EMTV for the first time after the system was installed and signal received.
William and son, Lum, all thumbs up and smiles as they see EMTV for the first time at the VHV Guest Haus in Baiyer.
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